Linda's Family...

Linda has two younger sisters, Maggie and Lisa, who will both be bridesmaids for the wedding. Maggie enjoys walking, making the most of the countryside around Ridge. Lisa meanwhile, works in a children's nursery, which whilst very demanding, is something she loves doing.

Linda's mum and dad - Sally and Ian - have been inspirational figures in Linda's life. Ian is always full of stories; many through his job as a Crime Scene Investigator. Sally meanwhile has shown how to love, and care by providing full-time care to her mother for the last couple of decades of her life. Both have had a profound effect on who Linda is today.

Nathan's Family...

Nathan's sister Jenny is also a bridesmaid. Currently on placement as part of her Sociology Degree at the University of Bath, she obviously looks up to her older brother by following in his footsteps in choosing Bath as her destination post school.

Jenny enjoys socialising with her friends, and Nathan often finds himself heading to bed as she is off for a night out in town!

Nathan's parents are Laurie and Diana. Laurie runs his own company Leisure Controls International, and they have three dogs, Fly, Belle and Cathay. Nathan's parents have always been there for him, providing support and guidance through everything from school, hobbies to washing clothes sent back from university!

Date of Wedding:

October 29th 2011


Clevedon Hall, Nr Bristol, UK