About Nathan...

Born in Dorset Nathan has always loved the countryside and the outdoors. Leaving school and heading to Bath University to study Chemistry he found himself in the enviable position of having a stunning city on one side, and the open countryside on the other.

Four years later and he was a glutton for punishment starting a PhD, again at Bath. Now in his final year he will, at the time of the wedding, be approaching the end, with his Thesis waiting to greet him!

About Linda...

Brought up in Ridge, Dorset, Linda is also no stranger to rural life. After finishing her A-Levels Linda decided that having a proper job was more appealing than university, and before becoming a Payroll Administrator she was the Deputy Manager of a large convenience store.

Linda loves reading, and can often be found curled up, in a corner deep into her book! Also a fan of American TV shows, sometimes she has to be reminded that she speaks English, rather than "American"!!!!

How We Met...

We knew each other as great friends for a long while, before realising, with the help of some of our closest friends that we both wanted to be more. Thanks to Matthew we made the transition, and have never looked back!

The Proposal...

We had decided to use a relative's wedding in Italy as a brilliant excuse to take a well deserved holiday. Unbeknown to Linda, Nathan had dreamt up the idea of proposing on their anniversary.

The 24th of April 2010 finally arrived. Four years into our relationship we were heading to the island of Capri, situated on the South side of the Gulf of Naples. On landing we made the slightly foolish decision of attempting to walk to Anacapri. After the loss of our map, which just happened to get thrown over a cliff we managed to flag down a taxi to complete the last stage of our trip!

Nathan was able to persuade Linda to take the rather rickety cable car to Monte Solaro, the highest point on the island. It was from here that Nathan got down on one knee and popped the question. After being sworn at for making her suffer the ride to the top he was very pleased to see a now rather overjoyed Linda, who seemed to instantly forget the death threats she had previously issued!

Nathan had even bought a ring to propose with, with the intention of choosing a permanent engagement ring on our return to the UK. Linda loved the ring used, and loves even more the one that can now be found residing on her left ring finger!

Date of Wedding:

October 29th 2011


Clevedon Hall, Nr Bristol, UK